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Hidden Countertop Supports

Granite Support Brackets Hidden is for applications where a sturdy but inconspicuous bracket is desired. It is designed to be installed over a knee or pony wall or inside a cabinet reinforced with a 2x6. Bracket is sized in length tip to tip horizontally; therefore a 9-inch bracket is 9 inches’ tip to tip horizontally.

The Original Granite Bracket makes the L Bracket Hidden Granite Bracket from ½” thick by 2 ½” wide steel. To install, simply rout or chisel a ½” deep section at the top of your knee wall vertical stud. This allows the granite bracket to sit flush. Insert the granite bracket in the pocket and attach it to the knee wall through the pre-drilled holes in the bracket. To install on the inside of a cabinet reinforced with a 2x6 follow the same directions after adding the 2x6. Bracket has beveled edge for safety.




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Granite kitchen bar counter supports

Are your granite support brackets strong enough?

Check out the highest quality supports available for quartz and granite countertops from Original Granite Bracket

Made of 3/8” thick steel and uniquely designed to stay out of sight and not to detract from your beautiful counters!

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Hidden L Bracket Hidden Countertop Support Granite Bracket from Original Granite Bracket

Starting at $39.95 Each

Free floating shelves, floating bar-tops or even floating desks are supported by the Large Shelf Bracket.

This steel support bracket is the work horse of the brackets, giving the industrial style many customers desire. This bracket is made to handle the toughest jobs. Because of the vertical angles which are welded in place, this bracket is almost indestructible. It is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

Built out of heavy duty 3/8" by 2-1/2" steel and professionally powder coated, the countertop brackets have a 35 degree bevel ”Safe Edge” on both the horizontal and vertical flanges.   Bracket comes standard with four countersunk ¼" holes in the vertical plate.

Front Mounting PLUS is available in seven sizes and six powder coat colors for applications where the brackets will be visible.

This bracket supports countertop overhangs up to 24”.  To size the bracket simply subtract 2" to  4" off the total overhang length. Please see the chart below for recommended sizes.

Large Shelf Bracket for stronger support Bracket for even stronger support

Great for shower seats, free floating desks, and commercial environments . . . Anywhere extra support is needed!

Note: Original Granite Bracket uses an indoor/outdoor rated powder coat finish that lends itself to outdoor applications as well as shower seat support.  Contact Original Granite Bracket Customer Service if you plan to use brackets in a shower and they will provide double-powder coat.