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Free Hanging Shelf Bracket

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The Free Hanging Shelf Bracket supports floating shelves, floating bathroom vanities, floating mantels, floating desks, floating shower seats/benches, and more. You have a choice of Steel or Solid Aluminum material.

This bracket is made to mount directly to the 2x4 wood studs inside your wall before the sheetrock goes up (if studs are metal, watch the video below before installing the Free Hanging Shelf Bracket). 

The Free Hanging Shelf Bracket must be mounted into wood studs to support the weight of the shelf, etc. We recommend hitting each of your 2x4 studs for maximum protection.

By mounting above, as well as below the horizontal piece, this prevents any type of twisting of the horizontal piece. After the bracket is mounted, cover the wall with the finished board of your choice. 

How to Determine the Size Bracket You Will Need:

When measuring for length remember the horizontal piece is measured edge to edge. Remember to also include the part of the brace that will be inside of the wall [usually about 3 inches]. 

For example, if you have a 12-inch-wide shelf you would stay 2-4 inches from the outer edge, plus the 3 inches inside the wall. Therefore, 12 inches minus 3 inches (from the outer edge) plus 3 inches (inside the wall) equals a 12-inch Shelf Bracket.

See our installation guide for the Free Hanging Shelf Bracket for more info before you order.


  • Length - [choose in listing]. This is the total length of the horizontal piece of the bracket from edge to edge. [Remember that approximately 3 inches will be inside the wall]
  • Width - 2 ½ inches
  • Thickness - 1/2 inch

Dimensions of the Vertical Tang:

  • Vertical Length - 11 inches [5.25 inches above horizontal piece and 5.25 inches below horizontal piece].
  • Width - 2 ½ inches
  • Thickness -1/4 inch
  • Hole Dimensions - 1/4 inch [3 holes above horizontal piece and 3 holes below horizontal piece].

Free Hanging Shelf Bracket Features:

  • Made from Steel or Solid Aluminum material.
  • For floating shower seats/bench: We recommend using the aluminum bracket, which will never rust.
  • Gives your shelf, countertop, desk, bathroom vanity, or fireplace mantel the appearance of floating.
  • The aluminum bracket is perfect for exterior applications.
  • The perfect countertop overhang bracket.
  • Easy to install.
  • Screw holes are on the top and bottom of the vertical piece.
  • Welded for solid strength.
  • Made of 1/2-inch-thick by 2 ½-inch-wide American Steel or Solid Aluminum.
  • Painted with a matte black finish.
  • Brackets can be painted with any anti-rust spray paint to change your color
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  • Made in the USA.
  • The package is (1) bracket.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty**