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The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit with Orange XPS Foam Board by Original Granite Bracket

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We are proud to introduce our newest product! The Original Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit!

Our Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit is designed to be easy to install, and customizable to fit your specific shower needs. The Schluter® Kerdi Board is a waterproof and vapor-resistant panel that can be easily cut and shaped to fit your desired bench size and shape.

With our Floating Corner Shower Bench Kit, you can create a beautiful and functional shower bench that seamlessly integrates into your shower design. The kit is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and can be used in new construction or remodeling projects.

These kits include everything you need to get started on bringing your dream shower bench to reality.


 ***Note: Brackets will be an aluminum color

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18" Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 25.46 x 4

24" Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 34 x 4

Our Kits include:

  • Two (2) Schluter® Kerdi-Board with selected dimensions


  • Kerdi-Band®


  • Kerdi-Fix®


  • Two (2) Original Granite Bracket® Wall Cleats

  • Supports up to 640 pounds!

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